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Is weed affecting the performance of a stamina enhancer?

I took this stuff called Rize 2 but then I started smoking pot and I havent had any effects from the rize 2. So that was a good waste of money. Do you think its a bad idea to go pop another one in tomorrow?

Is weed affecting the performance of a stamina enhancer?
Rize2 is probly one of the bullshit "herbal enhancers" they market to morons

they put a bounch of extracts that amount to just vitamins and ions and call it a weight loss drug or an enhancer

if you are talking about sex, cannabis does effect that pathway due to the endocrine/cannabinoid receptors

but most people get bigger erections and have more pleasure due to it
Reply:Rize 2 is utter crap and a scam product:how silly are people to buy enhancers?

Stop throwing away good money on shite products.

And weed can effect your sex live totally:cause limp ***** etc.

Great work:dude

Reply:For starters the "rize" crap you bought is a rip off.

Yes it was a waste of good money.

Weed alone should plenty sufficient to get the ***** going.

Save you $$ from the rize2 and get some better smoke!
Reply:try it without smoking ne bud. I would guess that the herbsky has some kind of effect on the enhancement pills.
Reply:Um yes of course(to the first question).

If I do push ups and jump robe often, will i increase my stamina and how many push ups i can do?

Any other ways to increase these two abilities easily? Also if i drink protein powder without working out, will i still grow muscles?

If I do push ups and jump robe often, will i increase my stamina and how many push ups i can do?
I have noooo idea, sorry


Nintendo Wii

How do I build my "academic stamina", or learn to like studying?

What I mean is, I can only read non-fiction text for about 10 minutes at a time. It just doesn't hold my interest. I do remember when I used to enjoy studying, though, when I was in junior high. Any ideas on how I can return to that? Obviously, it's required reading, so I can't just pick things that interest me.

How do I build my "academic stamina", or learn to like studying?
I spent some time at the library when I was in school, mostly in the Reference section. I would scan over my required reading there, then look up a synopsis for each book. I'd read the authoritative reviews, and ask my own questions then seek the answers to them. I graduated in English Literature before personal computers commenced.

If you want to get interested again in studying, stop thinking of it as "studying." Think of it as investigating or exploring. Any subject you intend to learn is only as much fun and as interesting as YOU make it. Be like Sherlock Holmes. It's amazing what you can accomplish this way.

When my eyes glaze over reading non-fiction text, I know it's because the writer couldn't write his way out of a paper bag if he tried. It's boring. Find another writer in the same subject, and see if he/she is any better.

How can I improve my revision stamina?

I can't revise properly for my exams because I find it really hard to work productively for more than around 30 minutes (I know it sounds pathetic). I am really worried that this will affect my future, more important, exams (GCSEs). How can I revise more effectively?

How can I improve my revision stamina?
well umm

im revising for my gcses now.

firstly, go in a quiet room, away from computers, tvs or anything that will distract you.

secondly, make revision fun, buy some nice folders, some new pens, so that it kinda makes you more eager to do it.

write yourself out a timetable, and if you know you can only study for 30 mins at a time, set yourself 30 minute blocks of subjects, wtih 10 minutes inbetween, so that you can have a bit of a break and grab something to eat

apparently you also study better in the mornign than the evening, so try waking up and doing an hour or two.

Reply:do not spend more than 30 minutes at a time..take a break and come bCK again and revise.. This is more effective than revising for a long spell
Reply:Here are my tips: eat healthily - eggs, and fish in particular are known to be brain boosters. Divide your day into three sections, work only for two sections and the rest will be your break from study. Study for 45 minutes then have a 15 minuter break during the time allocated for studying. The night before the exam - do not study for that exam! Go for a walk, clear your mind.

If you are a visual learner - drawing mind maps may help you. It certainly helped me. For more information look up VAK on the internet and do quizzes to find out your personal learning style. For my standard grades I achieved 8 ones and two twos. Ones are the best you can get (equivalent to GCSE A stars) and this was due to following the advice I've given you. Best of luck!!!
Reply:Drink water, eat fish-or take an omega 3 supplement. Eat fresh fruit and raw veg. Heavy meals slow your brain, so a little often helps. take fresh air and exercise in between sessions. Build up your study stamina; make this weekends target 45 minutes, increase by 10 minutes next week. If you are dyslexic or dyspraxic, us some more questions; there are techniques that could help you.

How do you build your stamina?

I'm a weakling, a girl, busy, and I want to start running. Advice necessary!

How do you build your stamina?
If you have not run before start out by running easy until you need to walk and then walk until you feel like running again.

In a few weeks, less than a month you will be able to run the entire distance, you should be doing 20 to 30 minutes from 3 to 5 times each week.

After 1 month you can increase your distance and you should be running 5 times a week.

Depending on your goals you can continue to increase the distance about 25% after each 4 week period until you are satisfied with the time and distance you are training.

If you are just looking to improve and maintain your cardiovascular condition running 20 minutes 3 times each week is enough.
Reply:Walking,jogging or running!
Reply:elevate your heart rate for extended periods of time. begin by elevating it slightly for about 20 minutes or so with light walking or biking, then raise the intensity level but keep the time the same.

Once that becomes easy for you, keep the same higher intensity level but do it for longer and keep working your way up.
Reply:well it sounds like u don't have a habit of running so what I would say is walk for 10 min then jog for 5min do that for about and hour.........then when u think that ur ready to move u can do like 5 min jog and 5 min walk..............what ever feels comfortable to u
Reply:First is balance diet...

then start to jog a few rounds. What I mean is start with what your body can handle and don't exceed your limit. Then make it a day-to-day routine.


day 1 - jog for 15 minutes

day 2 - jog for 20 minutes

and so on....

You can build your stamina doing it this way and it is much easier. Just don't exceed your limit because its a waste of energy. It will end up exhaustion and make you weaken.

Oh... and don't forget to do "stretching" or it will end up to muscle pain.

The greyhound is the fastest dog breed. Which dog has the best stamina for long distance running?

The African hunting dog no doubt has the best stamina, but should be excluded as it is not a dog species.

The greyhound is the fastest dog breed. Which dog has the best stamina for long distance running?
Huskies and Malamutes definitly....they pull sleds will people on them for days and days.. in the snow... in wind! so really i think they have the best stamina

The dog was bred as a coach hound, it would spend all day running by the side of horse drawn coaches. A dog for the rich.

About the African Hunting dog? Well it is a dog, even though it it wild like the Hyena and a hunter, it is still part of the dog species.
Reply:Alaskan Malamute - is a sledge pulling dog and is known to have continued pulling for 4 hours or more in blizzard conditions covering more than 100 miles
Reply:Labs, Australian shepherds
Reply:AHEM!!! It's not a BREED,you mean!

Far %26amp; *fast*? Saluki,Just long distnce (trot)? The Malamute.NOT a Sib.They're sprinters
Reply:Any breed of Sled dog has a lot of stamina and serious German Shepherd Dog breeders put their dogs through endurance tests which involve long distance runs. The Border Collie is bred to run anything from 25 Km a day herding sheep and the Rhodesian Ridgeback is used for hunting in Africa, spending long days in the bush in the hot sun.
Reply:I think it must be the German Shepherd, anyone seen the Littlest Hobo?

Maybe tomorrow...........
Reply:the border collie, works all day long without stopping.
Reply:Siberian Huskies and Border Collies. Bred to trot all day long.
Reply:I was going to say the greyhound, but seeing the answer husky and the malamute i would have to agree with that answer.
Reply:The foxhound or beagle
Reply:All husky types (Siberian Husky, Escimo dog etc-there are several breeds or types and you can read more about them in the link I have added here) bred for long distance pulling of sleds
Reply:of the sighthounds, saluki or pharoh

But probaly over all the sled dog breeds - who consider a 20 mile race a "sprint"
Reply:The Husky has plenty of stamina, it needs it pulling sleds along all day.
Reply:Siberian Huskies!!!!! and Alaskan Malamutes. to generalize, sled dogs.
Reply:dalmations do have incredible stamina, they were bred to run about 30 miles a day alongside carriages and also to see off any unwanted attention, they are" ratters" too, very quick off the mark!! i'm sure though they are not the only dogs built for stamina. try the website www, for more information................


How can I increase my stamina in bed?

Right now my arm is only good for five minutes and I have to switch.

How can I increase my stamina in bed?
Get someone else to do the work for you!
Reply:Let your mate take control. You just lay down and let her(him) do all the action. lol.............:-)
Reply:Get down the gym and do some proper excercise. You'll be able to go for hours after a few months. Careful of the callouses though ;-)
Reply:You don't need to get anyone else involved, just increase the mass of your appendage in order to provide extra weight resistance. Pills work, just transfer $399.90 to my account.
Reply:red bull. the wings feel great.
Reply:practice, practice, practice.
Reply:Have your boyfriend take over.
Reply:Use leg