Monday, May 11, 2009

How to build up stamina in 1 week?

I have always been a sprinter at school. But lately I haven't really exercised and my stamina has definitely died down, but I still have my speed. My school's sports day is not more than a week away, so this is a little urgent!

Thanx in advance for help!

How to build up stamina in 1 week?
I run track and I am a sprinter and my coach has worked on building up my stamina by over distancing me this last week for our state compitition. You should try going on a mile run and each day increase the distance but try going the same pace
Reply:I have been running for 8 years now and would recommend the following:

I would strengthen the core: calves, quads, hams, back and abdominal (the "six pack" muscles along with the obleks), chest and arms. But when strengthening these muscles, I would focus more on the muscle endurance not the muscle bulk. For more advice for this, I would consult with a personal trainer. For the running part, I would stay flexible as it helps/contributes to your balance (so do the muscles in your core) but also helps prevent some injuries like pulled muscles and shin splints. Also, I would try to make up a schedule where you can run for X amount of days and try to have a long run. I would start off slowly, running about 2-3 miles per run for the first week and increase my mileage per week. Make sure you have the following: a good diet, hydration, sleep, a good sense on how to take care of your body, and sleep. Good Luck!!!
Reply:how do i work on my launage skills?

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but thanks.
Reply:It can't be done.
Reply:Hey, it's not gonna help much a week before but really try to push yourself, the marines have a saying "pain is weakness leavint the body" 2 weeks before a big race i really try to push myself ...hard, just tell urself this pain is increasing my tolerence for pain, try doing a few really long spring workouts like do 10 400's at 75% speed, i'm not a sprinter i'm a cc runner and a miler sooo i hope this works :( if not just remember maybe this isn't what god wants yout to do me
Reply:The only thing I know for sure will help in such a short time is a product called Enduranx (on the web). It's too late to expect exercise training to help.

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