Monday, May 24, 2010

Why do I get tired so quickly on the elliptical?

I've tried using the elliptical but I can only go for like 5 minutes at a steady pace before my legs start hurting. On the other hand, I can run like 4 miles nonstop on the treadmill and it doesnt hurt. Maybe I should stick to the treadmill, although I heard the elliptical builds up your stamina?

Why do I get tired so quickly on the elliptical?
I think it has something to do with the "locked in stride". When you run you have more freedom to move your legs based on your speed and endurance. You actually end up using lots of fringe muscles that aren't getting overworked.

On the elliptical machine you are not locked into a particular stride and are using only one set of muscles continuously.
Reply:I'm the same way! I can go for what seems like forever on the treadmill and bike, but my legs hurt after a few minutes on the elliptical and I have to stop. Sorry I can't offer much help though.
Reply:take it easy, try to go slower but more often

Did you start recently?
Reply:hope you're replinishing your electrolytes as you exercise..

you can get muscle cramps from NOT keeping your salt and potassium up...Gatorade...

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